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WHEREAS, the accenting mist kiss the skies as the sun warms the snow-capped rise I love you; and
She smiles through her tears Like rain on a hot summer day The drips are still falling but It’s bright and Beautiful And you can just glimpse the
A raindrop on the windowpane A teardrop on your cheek   Slowly running down Followed by another   Are you crying? Or is that rain?   It hurts to see you there
Raindrops on glass, taking you anywhere and anywhen. Places to go and times you've been. Universally sound, solid right through. Black and white with grain. Yeah, that'll do. 
Have you ever watched rain on a window? Each drop is unique: it has its own shape; Its own distribution; and its own flow. And every drop finds bottom - no escape. True, some find it sooner than the others,
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