Rain Void

As the steps outside are taken from the once pitch black

demon eyes


yellow gazers...

The desert UPS package rain clouds like adobe hang above me


a tree in a snowy desert

which does not belong

the rain pit







I tip silently around the concrete

a four year old on sponges in the yellow orange luminescent dim glow of the old streetlights

not seen


as I lower myself to rest upon the curb, sitting hunched  alone staring into the clouds in the night

and observing as the small droplets of rain cling to my dull green sleeves

it fails to light my spot

and I am left in sudden darkness

with none but me

and the now invisible ground 


upon which I sit.

So I rise. 

And in a trance of blissful nonexistence

I reluctantly sponge my way back


to the door.

the doorway

where my steps can be heard once again


But as I turn back

to the rain

to the comforting blanket

of alone

of silently drappling gentle tears

upon the smooth



I notice I am not as sad.

So I breathe

as I walk

and I walk as I breathe

and the world is once again balanced 

as I walk along the side of the driveway

back to the gate

back to the garage

close the gate

close the side garage door

lock the gate

lock the side garage door

and come back inside

turn out the outside lights

and leave the rain alone

once more

as it were.

and I?

I lay in imbalance


to wither

until the night rain void

envolopes me again

in another life

if the accident will



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