Oh, temporal rain, why must your cloud our days and future so far from near

is it hatred this unending vicissitude of yours I fear

First you start, and then you stop

plip plop plip plop

Precipitating from the clouds don't you know your bounds

Why is it that you fall on the youth instead of older more stable fellows

Who can take your darkening depression and not worry of life altering regressions

Oh but woe to the youth, the smart drug dealer driven from school

The gifted girl driven to to prostitution hoping for a meager restitution

All should be productive members of society I implore

But no the world and rain beats down on them ever the more

We kick them out of class, out of homes in schools, the very substance of our future

It just shows that with each drop of our sin that beats down on them in the form of rain

We cause unending and perpetual pain

As the lion roars, and the griffin hawkishly shrieks

I call for justice for under privileged undervalued and the meek

Who maybe to blame we need scape goat for this rain

We all help cultivate the incivility, their circumstance and destitution in a way

Let us rally young and old to get in touch with these mistreated adolescents today

It started when a woman refused to give up the dignity of her person through remaining on a bus seat

Since then our world has grown ever the more

But yet I implore is the movement over and done

Has the cock crowed a third time yet

Now that blood on the Montgomery was shed are all crisis eliminated in its stead

Todays civil rights are not a matter of color purple or yellow white or black

Its a matter of helping those in need that don't have the courage of the voice to talk back

Life has been cruel, filled to the brim with inequity and indecision.

Should not we as a people make provisions

To see talent in those deemed talentless

to make way for social equity and an end to political correctness

No Mrs, Parks was just a start

To the healing of every heart left alone and in the dark

Till we embody the beatitudes of Christ

And all animosity turns to light

Their will ever be the ringing of the liberty bell

Calling to replace the knell of spite

Calling for a continuation of much needed civil rights.

So rain rain continue to pour

Correct our sins and vanities ever the more

As we seek justice instead of intolerance in every plop

Hope starts with just a drop.


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