The tears well up for there’s nothing I can do,

“I am worthless”, I think,

 I can’t even breakthrough,

The tests that I have failed and the goals that I’ve missed,

I suddenly remember it all,

it all comes rushing through.

Why can’t I do that, and why can’t I do this?

I am truly worthless,

there’s nothing that I don’t miss.


I look up with teary eyes,

it’s starting to rain,

Those fluffy white clouds have turned dark and grey.

I remember going to school,

every single day,

Going to classes,

going to play,

I see those happy faces of the friends that I love,

They’re always by my side,

no matter what.

I’ve broken rules,

and sometimes I’ve been rude,

But it doesn’t matter to them,

“Why?”, I ask.

“Because you’re you.”



My mom comes by and hugs me tight,

The troubles are off my shoulders,

 I finally feel light.

Despite my failures, it looks like there’s still room,

for accomplishments, loved ones and awesome things too,

because after the rain, and after the gloom,

There is sunshine and rainbows, and flowers that bloom.


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