Thu, 06/05/2014 - 20:00 -- Aj_Goz

Following… following, you’re like a tick

A bothering itch

So relentless-My God, When will you EVER give me my rest?

Another form of bondage

Holding me hostage

A label, you disable…me

You hurt me

Judge me.

But claim you help me to identify

You restrict me, bind me

Hold me down when I know I was meant to fly

Because of you I am shy

Feel so different from the other guy

Hide what makes me unique

Give up my personal mystique

Just so I can fit in?

The people you tell me to love might not love me back

They have no reason to

How do you know we’re going to get along?

You’re not aware of what I do.

No matter, after all is said and done it’s just us two, me and you, you and I one of us has to die,

Come here it’s a secret

Promise to keep it

It’s not going to be me.



Miickala Diaz

This is an amazing poem.


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