Quiet (No Longer)

Have you ever been forced to surpress your emotions,

so much and so bad you no longer knew how to express those emotions?

Been told to "Sit down, you're too loud,"

or maybe even "be quiet" when you have been anything but?

having others tell you, "You aren't allowed to say that stuff."


freedom of speech; 

I find freedom in speech. 

I find freedom in the words that I speak

I find freeedom in the words of others 

in books or with protests 

in the cries of my past lives

begging for change

to let go of the chains

but no longer


I will be silent no longer

I won't be quiet much longer

Can you hear me now,

or am I too loud for you?

I will no longer be still

just to make you comfortable 

because guess what

I'm uncomfortable 

but no longer 


I will not be silenced no longer

I won't be quiet much longer

no longer will I be remembered as that quiet kid

or the one that barely said a word

because truth is

I am anything but. 




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