Questions for the Society

Dear Society,

Why do you always judge me?

Not only me but my whole ethnicity?

Why do you say I have

My individual rights?

But won’t let me express them?

Why can’t I do my own thing,

Without having the fear

That you will spread

Bad news about me?

Why do I feel like

Doing things that will impress you

And not me?

Why do I even try?

When I know I won’t

Get anything back in return

Not even a single shred of respect

That I deserve

For being me

While I help you without

Being who you want me to be

Why do you tell me in ads and news

Not to be afraid

And let you help me?

When in reality I am

So afraid of your judgement

That I instead cower back

And cope with my own selfless ways

You know it too,

But that was not your reason

Because you just wanted

To tell others that you are

Doing good things

Just like they expect you to do,

There are too many ‘whys’

That I want to list

But it would be so long

That both you and I don’t have time for

Because our time is too precious

So we have to move on

But I need my answers

So that I can move on

Along with my century



‘A person who loves her country’


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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