Questions To My Dead Father


Why is it so hard to love you?
When deep down inside I know I should.
You left me behind.
So to love you, I don't think I could.
You said you were going to be there for me.
You said you cared.
How could all this be if you weren't even there.
I feel so betrayed by someone I loved so dear.
I wish it could be like the old times.
But how if you're not here?
Why did you run?
Why not just surrender?
Now I am going through a ton.
And it's too much for me to hinder.
Please come back.
Why did you have to go?
You left me with a heavy sack.
Plus, You didn't even let me know.
You could have sent me a clue or some kind of sign.
I didn't want you to go because you were one of a kind.
You were my friend, my father.
I can't get another one so why even bother.
If it wasn't for you I wouldn't even exist.
Now, life without you seems to have no bliss.
You are my blood father and I will always love you.
But why did you have to leave me?
Why couldn't you take me too?
Oh, and just to let you know: with all my heart, I do love you.

R.I.P   Damon Jermaine Moore
Sept. 15, 1977- May 24, 2004

Love you always and forever daddy. You'll never leave my heart.


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