Questions of a Minor


I look at your pictures, all i see is drugs I remember a time when i only saw love, And when i was angry at you, Your pictures went red 
But now i only see the drugs, keeping you dead 
Am I to blame? For being in this life too? Encouraging you to keep trying something new? 
Am i wrong for asking you to stop just because i had decided to? 
Though I am not with you, Is it wrong for me to care? 
Is it wrong for me to want to see the person i once saw was there? 
Before the friends that changed your waysBefore the isolation you have bestowed Before the drug days.... 
I care so much , i wish i didn't It drives me insane, though it shouldn't. 
I care so much, I know i shouldn't But i cant stand by, and watch you ruin. 
I cant help , if you act like you dont need it. 
I cant help, if you act like you dont see it. If you want to keep your blind eye, 
You say you know whats going on but do you really know what goes on inside? 
The life of drugs ,
when you pick up that one, 
that you won't want to put down 
That mirror that kept us apart, as i reached out 
My hand stretching to find yours, as you keep it to yourself 
My hand stretching out to find yours, as that hole pulls more than i ever could


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