Question Mark


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Elementary school

The kids at my table are talking about family

I say I want three children

so I can have one of each

To the people who laugh it is a joke

But to the one who said it, it is a question


There's something more than boy or girl

Question mark

There are other people like me

Question mark

I can still fit into a family

Question mark


Middle school

Boys talk about how girls always are like this

I say I am not like the other girls

It is not an insult

I do not want to put down other girls

It is a chance to reveal myself


I don't like pink

I am not like the other girls

I don't like shopping

I am not like the other girls

I don't like make up

I am not like the other girls



I am in a girl's dorm surrounded by my peers

We are exchanging secrets

and I don't even know that I have one

I tell them I made up a twin brother in 4th grade

I pretended to be him at school

I don't tell them I did it because I was tired of being called she


Summer time

and a new friend tells me

He knows he's a boy

because he doesn't feel like a girl

I ask when was feeling like a girl an option


No one feels like a girl


It's just a title that's given to you


You can't just reject it



I know that I am not a boy

And people tell me that I'm a girl

Sometimes people call me a lady

And sometimes I like it


When pointing at me, I hear she and her

In my mind I correct it, they and them

I can’t say it out loud

How will you understand


I don't like shopping or sports

I like sharp things and glitter

I like computers and trees

I am not a girl or a boy

I am a question mark


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