The Question


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A lost answer
It doesn’t matter where it comes from
Or why it’s lost in the first place
But you search
I search
We all search
For a lost answer
We spend our lives chasing something
Whether it’s a dream
A love
A part of us we lost long ago
An unanswered question
With a lost answer
On this white blank page
We pour our emotions
Our thoughts
Our pain
Grief, anger,
Love, happiness, passion
Words with no connections
Words that can be used in so many contexts
All parts of questions
With a lost answer
I’m simply a boy, a man, a pig
And love is simply a thought, a feeling, an emotion
In which we all feel for someone or something in our lives
At one point or another things change
And that love we once had is rearranged
And destroyed
To a point of no return
Where it leaves us empty
Like the bottle the wounded veteran just took a swig from
Like the bank account the single mother is staring at
All of them asking questions
With a lost answer
So where or who do we turn to
They tell us it will get better
They insist on using the sedatives
Just take this it will help
Or they push for us to take a drink\
Just drown the feeling they say
And you keep asking the same question
The one with a lost answer
They ask you, they tell you to explain
Explain the reasons you do this
What purpose does it serve?
How could it possibly fix things?
But you can’t answer
Because the answer is lost
You have been searching for it this whole time
But the question repeats in your mind
This isn’t something you can explain
Its apart of you
Your being, your soul, your very existence
As close to you as your name
Or the hand if your first love
Or your first blanket
But you can’t name it or remove it
It doesn’t necessarily keep you warm
Or even categorize or identify you
But you still do it
You still search
I still search
We still search
For this lost answer
The answer to the common question
………………. Why?


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this piece reminde me of a rap verse

nice flow, nice rythym of the poem

life present questions, we need to find our way to answer them

great job, keep writing

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