The Query of Life

Sat, 10/31/2015 - 17:49 -- Jhamali

What is life, is it as big and mighty as the Metropolois,

Or is it as miniscule as the ant we tend to trample upon and underestimate

What is life, is it as beautiful as a daisy in the summer breeze, 

Or is it as void as the Earth at creation?

What is life, is it meerly a place holder in the body,

An outcast to the heart,

Or is it a friend to the soul?

What is life, is it a virtual world manifesting itself within reality,

Maybe it's our thoughts painting a picture upona canvas that blinds the heart.

What is life, is it as the atoms are to all creation

Or is it as a virus,

Which comes only to discumbobulate the unity within the body.

What is life, will one truly be able to comprhend such a complex puzzle?

Or will we forever live looking for answers just to peice together this bewildering puzzle.

For one to unscramble the explanation of life would take the wisdom of Solomon. 

There is none that can fathom an equation of such perplexity,

Therefore this question will remain unanswered due to the limited understanding of man.

What is life?

This is the true query of life.





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