"The Queen of the Underworld" Syndrome


In the spring, the newborn sunlight glistened through her partially bleached hair.

Her eyes sparkled in the warm daylight, as they glazed over the fiction novel she rented from the library.

Her summer’s were filled with fun times with friends, travel, and regular updates to her webcomic. There was a pure air to her, that was only to stay til August’s end.


As autumn approached, her appearances outdoors became sparse. Instead of sitting under her usual tree reading, she’d sit beside her dorm bed, crying until her roommate would show up.

She was intelligent, would always turn in her essays in on time. Yet, during the cold seasons, her grades fell like the white snow on sidewalk.

Her therapist could only sympathize as the once blooming cherry tree the girl was faded into a bare trunk. The audience of her webcomic would endure the hiatus with her, as she would not have touched her art tablet for weeks, and would occasionally post apologetic tweets.

At the end of March, however, the sun would return, along with her soul. She’d be able to endure the mortal world again. The ailment she carried of her seasonal depression would not return for a few more months to come.


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