Put Down The Punches

He has been slit with the razors of their tongues

His lips were too afraid to speak his pride

His heart became shallow and afraid, his rainbow pride began to dim into grey

He tried to beg me to throw him back in the closet, to hide away his secrets

He fired tears from broken spirits, and he bled to me his worries

He threatened to slip away into their punches, to fall for their wants

He whispered to me through the mic of our cellphones, his voice so lost and shaky

He threatened to be pulverized by their punches, to play a victim in their plan

He fought me to let him go to let him slip away from life to the happiness beyond the clouds

It was then that I spoke up, for a sexuality unknown to me

It was then I spat out the silence and broke free from the stitches of secrets sown so neatly on lips

It was then that I let the pride in me break free from its chamber and I let that part of me speak

I roared to those bullies who've punched word for word to his soul

I growled at their beings and let them hear me roar

I spoke

I fought

I let them feel the blades of critiques stab every part of their muscle dug so deep beyond their ribs

I let them hear me speak for the silent rainbows that have bled away from their confidence and have slammed themselves back into the closet

Put The Punches Down and listen up society

Don't we all flutter to a different beat

Don't we all feel a stab of judgment for the way we breathe

Don't we all follow our own colored path

Then why do we attack the colorful beings that love differently than us?

Why do we let them know they are nobody to fight us back?

Why do we let them feel the punches of our words, and pulverize them into nothingness?

Can you tell me why?

Does their glitter shine a little too bright for your taste?

Does their rainbow band offend you?

 No I didn't think so, so put down the punches and listen to their personalities.

Are they any different from you and me?

Can you stop raging red and open up those eyes behind the lids of anger

Do you notice the difference?

They breathe our same air, their skin is like ours

Their humor, their life, they're just like us so why do you society bring them down?

Put Down The Punches and listen up to a parade of a new beat, get used to the bright variety colors that express their being

Don't be threatened by their happiness by who they are

Put Down The Punches, Open Your Eardrums, Look Into Their Irises and Follow Their Voice

Can you hear it?

They're Just Like Us.

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