The Pursuit Of Myself

I used to sit in my room on my phone all of the time, even when my parents weren't home.

I always knew I needed something more, as I was tired of feeling so alone.

I then got out a paper and pen and poetry started to flow.

How my words came out so easily I will never know.

My words helped me realize what I wanted from life and get me out of my bed.

The following are the words that instantaneously began to fill my confident head.

When you are on the golf course with the sun beating down and the club is in your hands.

You hit that ball with all of your force watching it fly through the air as you stand.

It drops near the hole and excitment fills your veins as another force comes into play.

You realize at that moment that confidence fills your veins and you wonder why you don't always feel this way.

Inside of you is the power you need to overcome struggles and make it to the top.

From that day on I left my room, took on new challenges, and I will never stop.

Golf is a game that taught me a lot about myself inside and out.

I have the strength to make it, confidence to continue, and I will never ever again doubt.

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