Pursue Luxury not Lust


I never imagined my dream girl with an ideal physic...

Long as the days and trials are sweeter than bitter...

I need a woman I can hold, not follow on Twitter. 

The type your take to dinner and the conversation is always good

And the first time she touches me when we make love..ummm she make me go oooh ooh

When I'm on the job and I hear her name, like the temptations say, "I got sunshine, on a cloudy day"

Lyfe would often say "must be nice, having some who understands the life you live...someone slow to take and quick to give...some who understands a thug has feelings too..someone who loves you for show, just remember to never let em go" 

Yet you can't see yourself without em though

Unconditional love like the mother and child, standing by your side

Picking you up when you down, situations get wild, yet you still show patience

And with a sense of loyalty that'll have you waiting anxious


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