The Puppet Master


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Part I

Don’t for one second think it’s okay.
That it didn’t hurt, didn’t destroy me from the inside out.

You knew.
You knew what I felt, how I felt,
And yet you didn’t care. You took my heart and walked away.

You walked,
And you walked, mile after mile.
Yet with each mile, with the distance growing, somehow I felt my love grow stronger.

You too!
You felt it just as much as I did.
And I bet that’s why you came back and threw my heart down right in front of me,
Shattering it into a million pieces.

Why did you ever act like you gave a crap?
Cause I know no one, no human, can fake that kind of love, that kind of passion.

Yet you,
Somehow you manage to do the impossible . . . again.
First, finding a way to love me in a way I never thought possible.

And now,
Now you are an expert of deceit.
A master puppeteer, capable of stringing a person along for as long as you want.

Until finally,
Until finally I’ve had enough!

No more power.
No more control.
No. More. Strings.

Part II

It’s been so long
So long since I’ve moved without strings, moved on my own

It feels new.
It feels different.
It feels good.

Who knew what it felt like to have power, control? . . .
You! You knew! But you selfish son of a witch, you kept it all to yourself.
Never wanting me to feel the beauty that comes with independence.

For what purpose?
What does it benefit you to keep me in the dark,
Keep you in control?

Actually it doesn’t matter.
But more importantly,
I. Don’t. Care.

Because now it’s all about me
You hold no place in my life, no place in my heart

And I’ll learn.
I’ll learn to live without you.
Cause I did it once. And I can do it again.


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