Punishment Doing Nothing to Help Us Learn

Teachers complain about how we act

They give us warning and then detention

But if we keep acting the way we are
They make us stay at home
Or in a different class for a number of days
But what doesn't make sense
They want us to learn in class
But they take us out for that learning chance
They should a class for those certain students
Instead of missing out of the education
Because all they are learning from this "punishment"
Act wrong and you get a break from education
All I'm saying
Make them learn when they are being "punished"
Get a teacher that's willing to teach them
Then they'll see
Might as well act right because no matter what
We all have to learn 
To be something in this world



The schools  need to see that this is a problem that they need to address about our education.  Punishing those people that way isn't the right way to punish them at all.  All they do is get a break from their education that they need to be something in this world.

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