Punching over the weight and Resurgence Power

Depleted and wounded empire

Again, on the path of resurgence curve

After spree of free fall for long time.

Nostalgia of past still hunt

To have control over break way states

Winner empire of cold war

Wounded in prolong fight of long wars

Misconception of implantation of democracy

Did not work in Arabia

Enough burnt in war with

Rag-tag Islamist zealots

Now has no appetite to withstand for week allies

Sanction does not stop the war

Russian bombardment

Prolong agony of Ukrainian people

Hard to describe.


Punching over the weight

Is not the trait of dependent state.

Unrealistic assessment of power

Miscalculation of egoistic leadership

Suffering of Ukrainian Citizens

Is calamity of geopolitical tussle.

Russian Ukrainian people are same

They don’t know whom they are fighting  

Unwise decision of week leadership

Is receipt for self-destruction

No one challenges resurgence big power

In her backyard.

Ukrainian leadership gave opportunity

Made their country battleground

For demonstration of post-cold war era

Power of dictatorial Putin.


Establishing themselves strong adversary

Under the belly of Russian empire

On the basis of faraway allies

Is pipedream of Zelenkey.


Geopolitical destiny of Ukrainian people

Is fait accompli of Russian sphere of influence

Ukrainian leadership has to be wise

With whom they want to stand

quasi state has limited choices

Tragedy of war is unacceptable in modern times.

Life on commoners has to be valued


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