I am a puddle on a cracked side-walk

I come, unannounced and a nuisance

Better wear your rain boots friend, because I. Will. Be. There.

If you look down at me, you’ll see the sky

At the right angle,

you’ll see yourself with a crack right between your eyes


I’m not perfect

but we all put on airs

I swear to you that “I’m not too deep”

But, boy do I think deeply

I promise you that “I don’t try”

But, here I am, not moving, still in your way

I say that “I don’t care”

But your steps leave scars.

Scars that are deeper than the cracks on this sidewalk

scars that lie in the foundation


Your words cover your own cracks, I know that.

When you step in that puddle,

The puddle that I am,

I will remind you that we all have flaws,

We all wish to forget ourselves before

We are always progressing

always learning

always criticizing ourselves

hoping to one day




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