Public Perception

The perception starts young

Color inside the lines!

She loves to hear,

What a good girl


Effort turns to numbers

Letters worth a grade

She keeps them all A’s

What a good girl


Moving up in the world

To lockers and books

Don’t give dirty looks

What a good girl


See their perception stay,

Her priorities leave.

She makes others happy,

What a good girl


She’s there for everyone

She puts him or her first

She runs so many things

What a good girl


She’s full of energy

She’s full of life

If only they knew

About that good girl


She comes home and

Has nothing left

She’s given it all

What a good girl.


Always told, strive for the

Best. When you hear those

Words, you’ve made it.

You’re their good girl.


Good girl is the public perception

Good girl is the misconception

Good girl gets the better reception


What if they knew?

She isn’t all together.

What if they knew?

I am not my own good girl.


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