Public Education

I always hated writing on papers.

The click of keyboards and my thoughts

Transferred on the screen that never left.

I used to ditch school a lot, Junior Year.

Who am I to be trapped in chairs, teased by

kids who taught me how to smoke weed

and “be cool” like the wind…

Teachers didn’t teach me the way of freedom like how I pictured…

And school was like a place to be LIKE everyone else

And if you did something different

They’d turn against you like a flip of a coin.

See, I used to ditch school a lot. I learned more

From the city, than spending hours in a classroom

Trying to figure out how to read measurements

When I couldn’t even measure out my own feelings.

Chicago. The heart of the City. Of my City.

I learned about designations and where to find

Creativity, because school didn’t teach me

where creativity came from.

And school didn’t teach me how to be strong

Whenever I’d walk past men who talked to me like I was cheap

Public Education and the cost is free.

They didn’t teach us how to deal with everyday struggles…

But if you had problems, you were told to talk to a

Counselor and then they’d give you the number

to a hotline for young adults… Yeah okay…

Like I’m going to spend 2 hours talking to a stranger.


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