A Public Beating


the witness of a public beating

so harsh, so raw

the red liquid with such high viscosity

drips ever so slowly to the ground,

you cringe,

your eyes refuse to peel from the sight


you're in the ring

the line of fire

you fight like hell to stand strong 

faltering with each step, you get up

to quit is to let them win 


you're giving your all, all eyes are upon you

during your meager time in this negative

limelight, it does not go away,

they do not go away.

but it’s that inkling of warmth, trickling 

from your back, that reminds you of 

what used to be


tears of distress break free from the 

over-flowing wells of emotion

your face is streaked with tiny rivers, 

carving valleys deep within your pores

your heart is stretched 

and thinned, threatening to break free

of the cage that is your ribs

and shatter


all hope seems lost, you're reaching 

your end. but the love from your

magnanimous side nails you to 

this life, and though you may be 

carrying the burden of a sin-ridden cross

you whisper to yourself,

you must not let them win

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