I'm Benz.

I changed my name when I was fifteen,Β 

I'm many things.

Buddhist, retired emo, a little bit of a stoner.

I'm a little hipster,

a little grunge,

and little spacey,

but I have really pretty eyes.

I'm a recovering annorexic,

and I used to slit my wrists on the daily.

I'm a little fake,

a little bratty,

and a lot sub,

but I look cute in chokers,

and my viynl collection is bigger than your... well.Β  Anyway.

I'm happy.

Emotionally unstable, but happy.

I sit on my roof at night and skip class to sleep during the day.

I'm all of these things.

I'm also bisexual.

No, that doesn't mean it's a phase.

Doesn't mean I'm a cheater.

Doesn't mean I'm just saying it to be "special,"

what the fuck?

It means I like girls.

Girls and boys.

A public service announcement:

I am not bisexual to fufill your threesome fantasies.

I am not going to make out with another girl for you.


Please, let me love who I love.

Thank you.

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