To protect

There's no where to turn,

the doors are shut

And I'm still hurt.

But don't let them see.

I write to protect them.


I can confide in no one,

because I'm supposed to stay strong.

"You're the leader"

So I feel like thier gaze is still on me.


My parents, they think too highly of me,

I'd hate to let them down.

My friends, always think of me as the happy-go-lucky girl,

I shouldn't make them worry for my mistakes.

I write to protect them.


Why do I write?

This is my only way out ,

express myself and not be judged.

No one gets hurt,

no one has to worry.

I write to protect them.


I'd rather rant to a computer screen, or a piece of paper

than have people worry about me.

They have thier image,

I wouldn't want to ruin a fantasy.

I write to protect my sanity

and the emotions of those I love.

I write to protect us.


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