The Promise

It’s been a few days,

Since I’ve looked in your eyes

But I know the joy is gone,

And you feel empty inside.

I peek over my shoulder,

Catch you turning away.

You think I didn’t notice,

But I’ll never forget that day.


It’s been a few weeks,

Since I last saw you smile,

Since I last heard your laughter,

It’s been quite a while.

Though it has no wings,

Time seems to soar.

It has the power to burn,

Like the pain in my soul.


It’s been a few months,

Since you last held me close.

Safe in your arms,

Is the life that I chose.

I miss you most in winter,

Your cheeks flushed from the cold.

Wish you would return,

The heart that you stole.


It’s been a few years,

Since we first crossed paths.

You can’t ignore the present,

You can’t change the past.

I can still imagine,

You waiting by the door,

To pull me to your side,

The moment you were sure.


How long has it been

Since you set me on fire?

I’ve forgotten the times

When you were all I desired.

But seeing you now,

Brings everything back.

It’s funny how everything,

All at once seems on track.


I recall the bright days,

I remember the late nights,

From holding hands,

To flying kites.

I want the hugs,

I need the kisses,

I now hope for dreams

Instead of nightmares and stitches.


I know what will happen,

If we choose to love once more.

You’ll strike a storm above my head,

Then drown me in the downpour.

This is all my fault,

Because I let you slip away.

I can see right through you,

Yet I don’t know what to say.


Do you still love me?

Because I haven’t stopped.

We need each other,

But you can’t give up.

It’s okay if we fight,

Even better if we don’t.

Just promise me one thing—

This time you won’t let me go.

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Our world


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