Progression at its Best


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Never give up on your dreams, for they are your own.
People may judge you because their dreams and aspirations are still as stone.
They don't want to see you succeed and they will remain where they are today,
They will never move on from where they started and the bitterness in their heart will always stay.
Reach for the stars and never give up.
The right people in your life will always be by your side,showing you support and love.
Don't regret the people from your past.
Life has given you many reasons why they are no longer in your presence and did not last.
Negativity is the one thing you can not let get in the way of your success.
The people who have been there for you from the start, knows whats best.
Envy is a dangerous trait.
Will you let that determine your fate?
There will always be people in life who will tell you "No".
That is when you press on the gas and continue to go.
You are the one who is driving on the road to accomplishing everything you ever hoped for.
So many options available,lying behind each door.
Seize the opportunity while working on becoming a better you.
Your progression and success will allow others the courage to shine through.



Anything in life is possible, Just Believe!

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