The progress

Dear friend:

As a person who wants success in such a small town

Filled with gloom, praying I prosper and don’t reach my doom.

I can’t wait until I become a nurse not suffocated with materialistic people a curse. My favorite color is blue, I love Scooby doo and drinking mountain dew.

As I awaken shaken from a nightmare, the mirror I stare as if life’s too unfair but then I regain strength, wipe my tears and face my fears. Oh dear the fascination of spots fills my heart with joy, from the start and I never want it to part. Maybe one day it will, but the camaraderie is what I’ll hold dearly, cheerfully reminiscing already as if it’s over, I am very lucky like a four leaf clover. Everyone else partying while I stay sober, like I’m old saying back in the day we use to play red rover red rover. Musical chairs sit and move over, 7-up, my first pup are just a little bit of my favorite memories and no I can’t sing but if I like a song you’ll probably hear me hum a melody.

My mojo reaches full potential when I’m helping people it’s my passion. One of my favorite movies The devil wears Prada because I love fashion. Next year, everyone else would think it’s the start of their sequel. But to me I’m embarking my journey to the prequel.

Your sincerely,

Claudia Bencomo

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