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Wed, 10/11/2017 - 12:56 -- kylev97

Who made you look twice upon yourself in the mirror you passed; rather than preach of your hips and tell stories of your lips!


As if they could not do the same.


Who mocked the furrocious laugh that you scream when surrounded by the beings you adore; instead of join you in a chorus that make your angels joyous!       


Or did you believe them?


Who questioned the ideas that illuminated your eyes powered by outlet of your soul; or not fuel a passion to bring your thoughts to conception!        


Where are they locked away?


Who subtracted your worth when you confessed a secret lodged within the walls of your aorta; rather than catch and caress your limpen self, nursing you to health!


Your value is exponential.


Who lied of the gratitude they felt for you when the going got tough and you encouraged them to get going; instead of kiss your feet, bow in faithful defeat!


Do not repeat their remarks.


Who denied the happiness you wore when you fulfilled that goal you’ve stressed for so long; or not add the sweet sugar of affirmation to heighten this proud sensation!


how do I resurrect a corpse?


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