The Process

Mon, 07/20/2020 - 14:33 -- Wizdome

The flower I picked for you today 

as you were on my mind, thinking 

of all the things you did, and all 

the things you’d say it took me 

back in time...


A time when life was simple,

honest, and true, the times when 

you resided here on earth and I 

could be with you...


It represents the deep abiding love 

that I know you had for me, along with 

you pushing me to never give up, as 

eventually you knew I’d succeed ...


The flower represents the rebirth of the

wisdom you instilled within me, making 

me wise enough to understand that your 

life had to end, in order for you to gain the

peace you so rightfully deserved and was

desperately in need...


I picked a flower for you today, and yes in deed

the process gave me a wiser outlook on things I

never knew I was in need to see...


The 🌺 


Copyright © ~Angel Winston

a.k.a Wizdome 

This poem is about: 
My family



Absolutely a beautiful, even tearful, but loving poem.

I honestly felt deep emotions of lovesick loss inside and I nearly welled up!

I hope you're enjoying that flower, and the joy of which it reminds you in the person whom it represents!

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