Why can't you see, everyone has problems, suffering with misery,  low self esteem, poverty,divorce, separation,  abuse:whether verbal,physical, mental, alcohol, drug-related, yeah, man maybe even all of them stated, who are to put yourself above others, to throw someone's past in their face, last time I checked you don't have a chalk-free slate,to be ignorant and refuse to admit you don't got problems, you're fine, you don't care, why,because you're afraid of slipping back into the past again,tripping, falling face first back into the pain,  what have you got to benefit from changing, everything, a do-over no matter what your age, to be freed from this inescapable cage of insecurity, to knock down your walls and find some responsibility, some humility, stop treating people with such disrespect and hostility, not everyone is your enemy, some are your allies, just wish you would stop being so ignorant, everyone has problems, even “perfect” little you, only way you would know that is open your eyes, and be awakened to a different, better life.

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