The Problem That Sits

How can you sit there and say that

“All Lives Matters”

When, clearly, All Lives do not matter when you see the

Same Race

Same Gender

Same Socioeconomic Background

Being a Target?


How can you sit there and say that

We live in a post-racial society

When we are still living in segregation with

Rich and Poor School Systems

Rich and Poor Food Industries

Rich and Poor Communities

And majority of blacks are living on the poor end?


How can you sit there and say that

Black people are NOT initiating social mobility

When we reach these high positions we are criticized for being

Too Pro-Black

Too Demanding

Too Ethnic

In workplaces where WE should be prideful because “we made it out the hood”?


How can you sit there and say

The news is not biased

When unarmed black men are being killed in the hands of police, but you THINK it’s justified because

They bring up OLD criminal records

They post OLD mugshots from minor offenses or

They THOUGHT they saw a gun?


How can you sit there and say

You don’t feel anything from this poem?

If you sit there and say you feel nothing from this poem,

then you should sit there and say “I am the problem”.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
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