The Problem With America


More like ethnocentric.

America is the center of the world, right?

The world that revolves around me. My world.


It’s not just putting yourself above others. It’s putting yourself above others while blatantly ignoring their wants and needs.

In that way, I suppose might does equal right.

I am free.

We are all free.

Free to live, free to speak, free to act…

Free to invade, free to demand, free to exterminate the weeds

From the world; whatever, whomever doesn’t fit into our master plan.


You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

But why lead the horse to water in the first place?

Wouldn’t it be much easier to force the water down the horse’s throat through a pipe,

built without the farmer’s consent?


We are truly not united.

What now of “Join or Die” when, like a skink,

We may shed our tail and simply grow one anew?

What of us now? Are we simply a clown with a crown?

We impose ourselves, our culture, our religion, our government on others; yet think

Nothing of it. Are we so nearsighted?

Is our will so bent that even the slightest bit of dissent leads to torment?

Is my world so much better than the other one? The one on distant shores.


And our culture?

We invade others without being invited

Eager to solve their problems with a flourish of our cape.

Are we not still a nation at war?

Already have we unseated our king

Are we so keen to unseat others?

At home and at far, is history to repeat itself?

Left wing, right wing…

The eagle is in need of both to soar.

So why do we still abhor

Others? Ourselves?


We hate what we fear,

We fear the unknown.

Is that why we interfere

With others not in our zone?

We fight their fight, we are their warder

We help them thrive within their border.

But what about ours?

Are we to fall prey to our own disorder?


We aim to smear

Those who threaten us,

For there is no agreement to be made, no possibility to discuss

Our differences of opinion, of culture, and faith.


Might is not right, nor will it ever be.

It’s simply just blight

Of the ethnocentric, passed on though history.




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