Math is everywhere

At least so I’m told

And there is a formula for everything so I suppose

The fact that you and I are here

Is just random chance

But I don’t want it to be


Well you see the fact that you and I are both similar and different

And my downfalls are your strides

And the way your height just happens to compliment mine

This can not be chance.

I refuse to accept it.

There is no way that you can plug my existence into a formula

And then know that somehow at an audition almost 5 years ago

We would meet

There is no theorem that dictates that the depressed 8th grader would meet her highschool sweetheart in the halls of her middle school

And still find new things to love.


There is no function that can perfectly describe how his 6’4 stature lines up perfectly with my 5’9

But somehow we do

We balance

Positive he and negative I

We cancel each other out


Math is everywhere but I don’t want to spend time looking at the figures

Or calculating the matrix

Or factoring the polynomial

Or figuring out what the derivative of life truly is

In my mind I see no point in thinking about that

When I could be out living my experiences

Not caring about my chances of anything happening

Because I want to fall


In love

And I want to get up again


This poem is about: 
My family
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