Fingers tapping on the desk

Considering what to write

When suddenly it seems the obvious choice

Is to write about my life


I wasn't born into a broken family

I have no siblings to share with

I haven't experienced racism

And I have no clue what hunger is like


I still want to help those who do


I support gay rights quite openly

But since I'm straight it gets dismissed

I want to help, for voices to be heard

But instead they hate my involvement


The white, cisgendered, heterosexual girl


They say I have it easy

And I can agree that it's true

But when I try to reach the other side

The other side won't let me through


It seems sometimes the disconnect isn't brought about by hate

It's from pushing away those who are different

Regardless of how much they want to help

Or advocate your cause


Keep in mind that we don't know

What it's like to be discriminated

But remember that some of the "privileged people"

Are just trying to understand


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