Private School

Because I love you

Let’s go

Let’s run away for the day

Head for the beach

Ditch lockers for sand and salt and sea


Because I love you

Let me wash your back

In the clubs empty locker room shower

That we share

Let me pull the seaweed gently from your hair

And place kisses on your neck


Because I love you

We should both ditch cheer practice

We’re already a half hour late anyways


Convince your parents to let me sleep over again

We’ll hold hands under the dinner table

And I’ll try not to stare at you too much


Because I love you

I'll sit there

I'll smile

I’ll keep telling them about my “Boyfriend”

And they’ll never know

That their daughters childhood best friend

Began kissing you under their roof


Because I love you

I want this forever

Don’t you?

If we tell your parents,

The sleepovers end

Everything ends

No more kissing on the kitchen top while the cookies burn

No more private hotel room during our family's yearly ski trip together


Because I love you

We can’t tell our parents

We can’t tell our friends

What will they say about us?

They’ll think we’re disgusting

They’ll think you’re disgusting


Because I love you

I can’t let you tell anyone


Because I care for you

If you tell them

I’ll never speak to you again


Because I know you

You can’t get through highschool without me


Because I love you

You better not leave

Because who else would love someone as messed up as you?



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