A Prisoner, Myself

Fri, 06/20/2014 - 01:00 -- fa07

For over 5 years, a prisoner to myself

Shadows of isolation cast upon my very being

Searching for traces of sanity, satiated in a cell 

Of my own design, questioning another breath

The delusion of all hope, the desolation of despair

Has enraptured broken fragments of my soul 

And left a limitless void, stretched out beyond time and space

To be is to suffer, to not be is to relinquish oneself

I am left to question whether recollection is possible 

I demand a truth to my life in Platonic form, but find nothing

A Sisyphean struggle beyond all compare to only find death

Shadows of isolation cast by a dying fire, a candle to be snuffed

Fueling that flame is me, imprisoned inside the darkness 



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