Tue, 11/25/2014 - 13:00 -- JK He-Z


Whenever I feel I feel,

I feel you,

No one has control over me like you do,

Around you lately I'm always hurtin"

You make me hate who I am,

You make me feel worthless,

On the other hand, you make me wanna be a better person,

It's like you proactivly tried to trap me in this prismatic prison,

Where no amount of my hot lyricism can distract me from the three sides showing me who I was, who I am, and who I'm on the path to be,

How dare you?!?

You knew I'd hate the person that I'd see,

I look down at the base of the prism,

I see the future I want from me,

I can't take this,

I start ragin',

Smashin' every side , edge, and vertex,

Why try to change,

Is my life even worth it?

I don't know,

should I hold on, or let go,

Sorrounded by the shattered glass,

Of the prism walls that showed facts,

Of who I was,

I showed love,

For know reason,

Just because,

I was a nice guy,

I need a way to re-wind,

I guess I will try,

Thank you,

But I still hate you,

Because it's my fault that you don't love me the same,

And I needed a reason to blame you.

I'm really about to cry,

Once again you've made me feel,

I don't like it,

Emotions are too real,

I tried to pretend that I don't care,

So every memory of you was almost erased,

Until I picked up an outside peice of the prism,

And saw your face.


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