Priorities, lady!


Have you ever wondered why over 60 freaking percent of each of your classes fails every test? You are forcing your students to go on an enormous, disastrous quest!

You must have missed the day in teacher training that says you actually have to teach something to your students. You don’t seem to have any prudence!

“Sorry, I got caught up in a TV show” is not something you tell your students when holding an online tutoring session. That just doesn’t leave a good impression!

Do you even have a degree in physics? There have got to be some important educational licks.

You always seem preoccupied with something other than your job…  I mean, my teacher may as well be a door knob!

When I ask you a question, you always avoid it. You don’t seem to know shit!

Do you even care about a student’s grade? It would be nice to know with a bit of aid!

Priorities, lady!!! What’s on the top of your to-do list? Are you seriously thinking about that TV show you missed? 

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