A Princess More Like Me

These classic fairytales have got it all wrong.

For starters, if the word typical is a synonym for classic, why is it impossible for me to relate them to my life?

These are not typical stories.

These are not typical girls, 

In typical situations.

We critique magazines for using photoshop on their models because we say it sets up unrealistic expectations for young women 

But we have been shoving make believe stories about perfect, beautiful princesses down little girls’ throats saying it expands their imagination 



My fairytale consists of a princess who is more like me

A princess who, maybe, is more like you

This princess knows that burger she wants will go straight to her thighs and add another centimeter to that growing double chin of hers.

This princess eats the burger anyway.



This princess does not waste away her precious life waiting for a man to save her.

This princess does not believe a man in her life automatically means happily ever after.

This does not mean the princess does not want a man at all,

But she certainly does not need one.



This princess becomes the queen the day she becomes the girl younger her needed growing up.

The day she becomes the one who can get herself out of the dungeon that is the voice in her head telling her she is not good enough

The day she realizes the dragons trying to interfere with her running the kingdom are just insecure themselves 

And the only true opinion of her that matters is her own.


My fairytale’s happy ending is not dependent upon the number of likes my queen gets on a picture

But for how well she is able to truly live while being alive 

This is my queen, 

One I can hope can be relatable 

And until then, inspirational

for the young aspiring princesses in our world asking their parents for a book to read


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