A Princess In The Growing


United States
38° 35' 41.0316" N, 77° 20' 17.4696" W

As I child I never knew what I wanted

But I knew one thing, LOVE

Love was something I wanted

Society made it seem like LOVE was meant to last forever

LOVE could blind you from the world

But as you grow up , you find youself struggling with reality

You learn that LOVE is taken for granted

Love can BLIND you from seeing

I never felt that love in my house

All I ever heard was "I HATE YOU" "DIE!"

How can a child erase all that hate from it's mind

All I asked from my parents was attention

Each day I wished I was never born , because I never felt the love and affection

As I got older , I started to cultivate MY love

If I couldn't have LOVE

I had to give out LOVE



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