Princeless By Fall

Sun, 06/25/2017 - 13:32 -- paijec

It was the beginning of the weather,

The sun shone through the leaves,

A fair maiden sat upon her bench, 

With a stare of many greaves.


By the end of summer,

Her father wanted her wed,

And if by fall she hadn't at all,

She might as well be dead.


But all her life the maiden thought,

A prince is not for I,

She had many suitors but could not fall,

And she did not know why.


One day as she was walking through,

A lovely little town,

She could not help but spot a girl:

A maiden with a frown.


"Dear maiden," she asked as she sat,

Next to the girl so sweet,

"What makes you sad on this day?"

A her heart started to beat.


"I must be wed so soon this year,"

The dear girl sadly told,

"But for a prince, father prefers,

My heart remains so cold."


"My heart has only longed for others,

Not a prince or man or king,

But I with another maiden,

is what I find charming."


And there they realized on that day,

That they were two of a kind,

Not just their gender or image,

Their heart, and soul, and mind.


Despite the great suprise,

Of everyone for miles,

The two girls that met that day, 

Were to walk upon the aisle.


And even though there was no prince,

And everyone condemned,

They did not care and they became

So happy in the end.

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