Pride and Prejudice


When I was five

Someone told me I should strive

For what makes me happy

Even though I was different.

But why does that make a difference

In what I take away, why should I break away

From the real me?


When I was eight

I found that music was my fate

That lay in my genes and my ears

Through a skill that made me different.

But why should that determine

If I'm a sin, if I'm some vermin

With a crazy brain?


When I was ten

Someone came and asked when

I would be going back to China

To visit the family that made me different.

But why do their words mean it

When don't they see it, why can't they believe that

My blood's not just Asian?


When I was fourteen

I found people that had seen

The same story that I lived

Because I was different.

But they were still the same

They are not to blame, why do the flames still rage

Since they looked how they seemed?


Now I am sixteen

And I hold pride in my dreams

In my perfect pitch

And my half-Asian background.

But while the prejudice still runs

My journey's just begun, can't people understand

That pride and prejudice are fueled by the same thing?


I am happy with myself.

You can do what you want.

And that's all I have to say.



A poem about pride and prejudice, opposites that are created by the same force, of which pride has brought me happiness. Which will you choose?

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