The Price of Being Different


I stare at the mirror,

Trying to understand why everyone hates me so. 

The people at school whispered and laughed.

The adults sneered and turned up their nose.


Surrounded by echoes,

I fall against the floor with a cry.

Holding my hands against my ears, I ask,

"What is the truth? And what is a lie?"


The depression reappears,

Each insult being carved into my delicate skin. 

The crimson flood and masochistic comfort

Unleash the beast that dwells within.


Tears blur my vision.

I think about the things my mother has said.

"You're a burden I wish I didn't have to deal with.

Why can't you be more like your sister instead?"


A sob escapes from my lips as I recall all the battles I thought I won.

The war wages on though,

And I'm desperately reaching out for someone.


How could this happen?

They've blacklisted me for the clothes that I wear

And for how silent I am.

They honestly think I don't care.


As I enter reality,

My mind is calmed once again.

I clean my face, 

Fix my makeup,

And stand. 


This is the price I have paid for being different than man.

I just wanted to be loved,

But was left without a single friend in the end. 



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