Pretty Ugly

I never felt like in was good enough.

I wasn't pretty

I wasn't ugly

But I guess it never mattered

Cause no one could see me.

And even if they could

They wouldn't really see me 

They'd see what I could give them

How I could please them

What could they get out of me.

See because I always wanted to be that girl

The one everyone envies

But that wasn't me.

I couldn't be.

I wasn't pretty 

I wasn't ugly 

I was me.

A hungry soul begging to be fed

I wasn't seen as equal to the girls I saw

They were it

I wasn't 

But I guess it never mattered 

Cause no one could see me

They saw my body

The curves I believed to be nonexistent

The life, the spirit that was me. 

I wasn't pretty

I wasn't ugly.

So one by one

They played me

Lied to me

Tired to be

More to me than I could see

Slick with words 

They really couldn't see me.

They saw what they wanted to see.

So now I know

I'm not pretty

I'm not ugly

I'm me..


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