Pretty: My Thoughts After Being Cheated on

you always called me pretty 

that's all i ever was reallyprettywhich was pretty nice considering she was only alrightsince I was pretty and she was alright, I thought those walls I've been stacking brick by brick couldn't be knocked down...but apparently not...but I don't understand if my lips are pretty why you'd ever taste another pair as if sampling flavorsor how my pretty waist wasn't enough for you to holdI mean, why else would you bother wrapping your arms around someone else's....?wellnow I am pretty, aren't I?pretty messed up and pretty sick and tired of playing the part of your welcome mat and letting not only you, but her walk all over me as you two head for that damned bedroombut you know what?without you, without that dumb weight on my shoulders ro maintain that pretty perfection...I'm feeling pretty damn important now that my lips are the only ones he's thinking about when he's tounging herand her waist will never be as sexy and pretty as mine pinned up against him, which he knows damn wellbut nowI'm doing pretty amazing without you 


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