Precious Moments


"I love you."

Those 3 words, 8 letters, precious moments, elevate me


When I hear those words, my heart begins to race

Frantically picking up its pace

Blood rushes ot my face as I lose my grace

Collapsing into your embrace

Where everything is in place

Because I am loved.


When I hear those sweet trills, those great thrills

I feel cold chills as I rise above the hills

High on the air

Speaking to windmills because they can't kill

Because I am loved.


When I hear those precious sounds

As they rebound and resound in my ears

I look around, as I float off the ground, how profound

Because I am not bound to the Earth but to you

Where I finally feel found

Because I am loved.


And I know that I haven't told you much

But I always tighten when I'm in your clutch

I always melt away at your touch and such

Because it's way too much to handle


I haven't really told you

Because it was always too much for me

So I'll tell you now


Those 4 words, 11 letters, precious moments, elevate me


"I love you too."



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