Practice Your Preach

Fri, 05/23/2014 - 02:28 -- B_L_E

You march,

You speak.

You enter in your piece or pieces.

You demand respect but ignore mine.

I march,

I speak.

I'm a bigot.

I'm ignorant.

You want all of your rights,

But you seem to ignore mine.

I may not believe what you believe but I will not call you names.

I will not judge.

I will not object myself to those shames.

I accept who you are, but not what you stand for.

But I listen and respect your wishes and your lifestyle.

For who am I to judge?

Who am I to cast an iron eye?

But according to you I am a bigot and I am ignorant.

Because I do not see eye to eye I am a close minded religious radical.

You demand your rights,

Yet deny me of mine.

Why should I give you something that you won't give me?

But still I do.

I sit back and let you speak.

You speak love and peace, but only for those that agree.

What about us who do not?

We cannot all see eye to eye.

So in that case I should just go off and die?

You hate me because I also stand for what I believe?

You speak love, but you seem to deceive.


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