powerful Freedom

Mon, 03/04/2013 - 18:06 -- Halone


United States
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We are not subjects of anyone’s humiliations
We are not followers of any injustice
We don’t follow the crowd, we follow what we believe or perceive as fairness
We as a nation now have the have the right to express what we passionately trust on
We became a world of tolerance, respect, and openness to multiple perspectives

We raised a strong patriotic land for which acceptance of new views are welcomed
We accepted each other regardless of skin type
Color, race, religion, sexual orientation, traits,
We are not enslaved of anyone’s views, we learn to follow our instincts
We became free, with joy, laughs,
We don’t have to obey injustice,
The nation is not divided, yet knows how to differentiate
Injustice and allow, appreciate point of views
Without the need of tumultuous aggression
against our fellows

Yet the nation became more receptive to
prosperous social issues.
We possess now our own freedom, to decide
Our characters, personality, perspective, disagreements and
Function in our society
But we know how to walk united
We raise our voice having learned
That if we join forces, we get to transform
Millions of souls into one strong force
That can change our world.
The Civil Right Movement wasn’t just a movement
Against segregation, but brought a lesson
that will always perpetuate in our nation.

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