power of poetry


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it's easy to be judged for a mistake
it's very simple to be ridiculed for indiscretions
it's easy to pick up a gun and fire shots at anyone faster than a person's quick mouth
that's why troubles arise and consequences follows so steep, you want to book a flight down south
power of poetry is one form of a outlet like a store in woodbury
like a clothing store, you shop. in poetry, you write
it's you, the pen, and paper against the world like 2pac's album
you write freely like a runaway escaping from slavery
it takes courage to express with bravery
remember, no one have the right to judge
if they do , tell them to smile and eat a chocolate fudge
everyone have experiences in which we all have a right to tell
unfortunately, not all of us are here so all you hear is a sad church bell
write what you know. write with your heart. write with your might
when you sleep, eyes are close with peace at night
poetry helps relinquish sense of emptiness
life is too short for despair; poetry brings joy full of happiness
exercise your mind as if you are working out in the gym
you'll get tire and sore, but you will accomplish all regimens
use that opportunity to express your emotions through poetry
times you may laugh, smile, feel angry, disgusted, or even cry
when all is set and done and eyes are dry
one was able to use that energy more constructively than construction workers trying to build a new building with cheap materials
power of poetry brings hope
don't runaway from troubles or you find yourself on the corner smoking loads of dope

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